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The aim and purpose of this institution is to give thorough and sound education. The faculty members who are working in this institute have their most sacred duty not only to educate the mind but also to mould the character of the students entrusted to their care and initiate students to be ready to shoulder responsibility of the society and maintain a high standard of honor and integrity in life. My vision is to educate the female folk with a type of education which would prepare them to be useful and happier women of future homes. A women who is faithful, honest, kind hearted and humble but should be strong and courageous as they have to prepare themselves fro the true test of life.

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The College has one main Library in the College Campus serving the College fraternity and acts
as the heart of the academic community. It is rich in resources and has “twenty eight thousand
six hundred eighty seven” books as on 7-01-2010.


Students are allowed to borrow one Book at a time which must be returned within 7 days,
failing which a delay fine of one rupee per day is charged.

Library Rules

  1. All books, news papers, magazines, journals shall heave to be handled properly.
    If any of these is torn or lost, the student responsible shall be liable to replace
    it or pay at least double the cost of the book/journal.
  2. Complete silence is to be observed in the Library and in the reading room.
  3. Students visiting the Library shall be required to handover their belongings
    (Books, Bags etc) to the Library Bearer before entering the Reading Room or
    other Library sections.
  4. All the students are required to make regular use of the Library
    and not to confine their reading to the study of text books only.
  5. Roll No. slips for the annual Examination shall not be issued to
    the students till No. Demand Certificate is acquired from the Chief Librarian.
  6. Books of the following nature will not be issued to the students:-
    1. Reference books
    2. Current periodicals
    3. UGC text books are issued only to the poor students
      for one year on the recommendation of the Library Committee/Welfare
      Committee of the College.
      The Library Staff is always eager to welcome the students and facilitate
      the use of its resources in studies, expecting them to know the Library ethics and
      adhere to it.


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