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The aim and purpose of this institution is to give thorough and sound education. The faculty members who are working in this institute have their most sacred duty not only to educate the mind but also to mould the character of the students entrusted to their care and initiate students to be ready to shoulder responsibility of the society and maintain a high standard of honor and integrity in life. My vision is to educate the female folk with a type of education which would prepare them to be useful and happier women of future homes. A women who is faithful, honest, kind hearted and humble but should be strong and courageous as they have to prepare themselves fro the true test of life.

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Hostel Facility
The College maintains a two storied Hostel namely "Heemal Girls Hostel” within the College Campus. The Hostel provides mess facility and services of Room Attendant to its borders in addition to recreational and other basic facilities. Since there area limited number of seats available in the Hostel, the Incharge- Hostel receives applications for accommodation from the eligible and bonafide students. The allotment is made by the Hostel Committee according to prescribed norms. Students belonging to far-flung areas are given preference.

Hostel rules:
1. Each selected student is required to give an affidavit to the effect that she will abide by
the Hostel rules and regulations, failing which her Hostel accommodation will be cancelled.

2.Each student required to join the Hostel mess, as self-cooking is strictly prohibited/ disallowed in the rooms.

 3. The maximum time limit for Hostel accommodation is 9-10 months in a session.

 4. A student suffering from a chronic/contagious disease shall not be admitted to the Hostel.

 5. No student shall be allowed to leave the Hostel to stay temporally elsewhere unless permitted so by the Principal on a written request from the parent/guardian and duly recommended by the Hostel convenor.

 6. Hostellers are strictly prohibited to bring Guests, not even her kith and kin, in the Hostel without the prior permission from the Principal through the Hostel convenor.

7. Visitors nominated by the parents/ guardians at the time of admission only are allowed to meet their wards during visiting hours fixed by the College, i.e.10:00 A.m to 1:00 P.M on Sundays only. However, visitors shall be allowed to meet their wards outside the Hostel compound only after making requisite entry in the “Visitors Register” at the Gate.

 8. No waste paper or any type of rubbish is to be thrown in and around the Hostel.

9. Ragging in the Hostel is strictly prohibited. Any Hosteller indulging in ragging shall be liable for expulsion from the Hostel/College.

10. Hostellers are required to exhibit exemplary discipline. Any breach or violation of the Discipline rules in and outside the Hostel shall render a Hosteller liable for expulsion from the Hostel or even from the College.

11. Misconduct/misbehaviors or disobedience to the Hostel/College authorities and breach of Hostel rules shall make the Hosteller liable to fine, suspension and expulsion from the Hostel or the College.

12. When a Hosteller goes out of the room or leaves for Home on holidays she is required to lock the room properly after switching off the lights of he room and handover the key to the Hostel incharge, failing which a fine of Rs.5/= per day will be imposed on the defaulter, in addition to the cost of damage done due to her negligence.

 13. The Hosteller should not bring any precious and costly Jewelry or valuable with them. They are required to take proper precautions to safeguard their belongings. Any theft or loss, whatsoever, should be reported immediately to the Hostel I/C.

14. Students admitted in the Hostel are required to deposit their Hostel fee* in advance otherwise their admission to the Hostel will be cancelled. The fee to be paid (subject to revision as and when conditions warrant so) is as under:- a) 1st Year =Rs.1700/= b) 2nd Year =Rs.1500/= c) 3rd Year =Rs.1500/= *Fee is subject to change depending upon the directive from the Administrative Department/Government.

15. “The Hostellers are allowed to visit the market for shopping purpose, accompanied by the Hostel Care Taker only once in a week to be fixed by the Hostel In-Charge in consultation with the Hostel Care Taker from 4:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m.”

16. Each Hosteller is required to vacate the Hostel immediately after the termination of the Annual examination or Winter Vacations (whichever is later) till the next session starts.

17. All complaints about the hostel Staff shall be made to the Principal.

18. No Hosteller is allowed to roam in the College premises in a Private Dress during College working hours.

19. In case a Hosteller is asked to vacate the Hostel on account of indiscipline/ disobedience or on administrative considerations, she shall have to do so immediately.



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