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Establishment: 1979



The department is committed to prepare knowledgeable students who shall be politically conscious, morally sound and principally devoted to the ideals of justice, equality, liberty, fraternity, rule of law, human rights, citizenship and democracy. A rigorous, analytical and focused teaching/approach is necessary to achieve these goals. While the faculty of the department recognizes that the life paths of our students would lead them into different fields which may not be closely related to the specific study of politics, we seek to provide our students a basic foundation in the areas of Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Administration, and National/Regional Politics. We as faculty are fully committed to achieve this mission.



Our students shall be able:


·        To comprehend the basic concepts in Political Science/International Relations.

·        To understand theoretical advances in the field.

·        To analyse the working of political structures/institutions.

·        To interpret the nature of global politics.

·        To discuss and debate on issues of peace, conflict, law, governance, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, rights and democracy.

·        To comprehend basic texts in the field. 

·        To write on issues of political significance.

·        To inculcate leadership qualities.







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