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The College is relentlessly striving to maintain excellence in academics besides encouraging students to develop their hidden talent by participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The main motive of the college is to inculcate moral and cultural values in the students so that they excel themselves in the rapidly changing world of knowledge viz-a-viz competition. The students of this college are fortunate enough to have highly qualified, experience and dedicated staff at their disposal, who work with commitment and dedication to nurture the versatile personality of the students, thereby playing a role of facilitator and model to the students. Dear students, It is indeed, a pleasure for us to have you in our college. I assure you that with our sincere efforts and your positive contribution, we will, Inshallah, achieve new heights of brilliance in future.Wishing you all a  happy and prosperous future. 

(Dr. A.M Wani)


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     Department Of Philosophy                

About the Department

The Department of Philosophy was established in the college during the academic session 2015-16


1.       To inculcate a taste for critical thinking in the students. To develop an attitude, wherein the opposing views. And arguments are given equal consideration and intellectual disputes are decided on their merit. To acquaint the students with the history of thought, in the west as well as in the east

DR.JALEEL AHSAN ZARGER, Sr. Assistant Professor (Head of Department)



To undertake dedicated research and teaching in the Philosophy of                          

Human Sciences, Postmodernism, Existentialism, Phenomenology 


Ø  5 years research experience in the field of Western philosophy as Doctorate fellow

AMU, Aligarh

Ø  4 year teaching experience at inter college level

Ø  14 months teaching experience at university level ( IUST, Awantipora)

Ø  2 years research experience as post-doctoral fellow I C P R (NewDehli)

Ø  8 years teaching Experience at UG Level.


Western Philosophy, Alternative rationalities, Existentialism, Hermeneutics,

Pluralism, Ethics

Award & Scholarships: 

Ø  Open Merit Post Graduate Scholarship1996-98 Aligarh Muslim      

University, Aligarh 202002 U.P.

Ø  Gold Medalist at P.G.Level in year 1996-98 Aligarh Muslim

University, Aligarh 202002 U.P.India

Ø  Qualified National Educational Test (NET) conducted by

U.G.C.(India) in year 1999.

Ø  Awarded Prestigious I.C.P.R (India) Junior Research Fellowship

in year 2000-2003.

Ø  Awarded Prestigious I.C.P.R (India) Genral Research Fellowship

 in year 2006-2007


Ø  Presented a paper entitled Relativism: an overview in

the all  India Fellows meet conducted by I.C.P.R (India) at New delhi in year 2002.

Ø  Presented a paper entitled Philosophical Hermeneutics of 

George-Hans-Gadamerin all India Fellows meet conducted

 by I.C.P.R (India) at Lucknow in year 2002.

Ø  Presented a paper entitled Can phenomenology be the proper

Method for social sciencesin a summer course conducted by 

Ø  I.S.P.S (India) and C.A.R.P (Atlantica Florida University U.S.A)

at Chennai in Year 2002.

Ø  Presented a paper entitled “Alternative Rationalities” at

A.M.UPhilosophical society on  11th Feb, 2008

 Administrative Assignments  at different colleges and University Level

Ø Worked as Administrative Director for school of Humanities and

 social sciences at IUST, Awantipora 2008-09

Ø Worked as Head of the Department Peace and conflict studies at

 IUST, Awantipora 2008-09.

Ø Worked as Secretary of ALUMNI of department of Philosophy 2009 -10.

Ø Worked as Warden “ Boys Hostel at GDC Boys Baramulla.2011 onwards

Ø Worked as Purchase Committee Convenor  at GDC Women Anantnag.2015 onwards.

Ø Worked as Examination Coordinator at GDC Women Anantnag 2015 onwards.

Ø Worked as Admission Coordinator at GDC Women Anantnag 2015 onwards.

Ø Worked as NSS Coordinator AT GDC Women Anantnag 2015 onwards.

Ø Worked as NAAC Co-convenor at GDC Women Anantnag 2015 onwards







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