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Department of Home Science

The department of Home science was established in 1999 housed in ground floor. Home science is a full stream which is composed of five different subjects i;e

1. Food and Nutrition

2. Human Development

3. Resource Management

4. Textile Clothing

5. Extension and Communication

                          Home science is concerned with the attainment of the well being of individuals and families, improvement of homes and preservation of values, significant in home life. Home science develops proper attitude for developing interest and desire to assume responsibilities of home activities, health, nutrition, family relationships and hygiene etc.

          The department is having five laboratories i;e food and nutrition lab, human development lab, resource management lab, textile clothing lab, extension and communication lab and one room for lab staff and is also having a store room.


      The department envisions to give the young women an insight into the practical, scientific, economic, social aspects of running a home and also mind set to work out solution to problems encountered in the lives. The department aims to train the students to meet the needs of rural and urban families as contributors to food production, environment conservation and enhancement of human resources.


     The overall mission of the home science department is:

1.       To empower and develop an appreciation for rural life in a holistic manner.

2.       To achieve an efficient use of human and non human resources in everyday living.

3.       To educate rural women in several aspects.

4.       To acquire stress management strategies.

5.       To provide knowledge of child development, needs of special children and help them to impart this knowledge to less privileged ones.

6.       To develop functional scientific attitudes towards extension education and to transfer it for family living.

7.       To make them know nutritional benefits of different target groups.

8.       To develop an eye on decoration fashion designing and garment making.

9.       To know about the values and goals of marriage in family life and to develop better human relations.

10.     To enhance entrepreneur skills for professional careers.

                               Presently there is no permanent faculty in this department. All teaching staff are on the basis of academic arrangement. The supporting staff is composed of one lab Assistant and two local fund employee.  


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