Principal's Message

The aim and purpose of this institution is to give thorough and sound education. The faculty members who are working in this institute have their most sacred    duty not only to educate the mind   but also to mould the character of   the students entrusted to their care and initiate students to be ready to shoulder responsibility of the society and maintain a high standard of honor and integrity in life. My vision  is to educate the female folk with a type of education which would   prepare them to be useful and happier  women of future homes. A women  who is faithful, honest, kind hearted and humble but should be strong   and courageous as they   have to prepare themselves fro the true test of life.

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College Canteen
Keeping in view the problems faced by the students especially
of those coming from far-flung areas, the College is running a
Canteen and provides eatables, tea, snacks , etc to the students.



Industrail Tour


Botanical Tour




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