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The aim and purpose of this institution is to give thorough and sound education. The faculty members who are working in this institute have their most sacred duty not only to educate the mind but also to mould the character of the students entrusted to their care and initiate students to be ready to shoulder responsibility of the society and maintain a high standard of honour and integrity in life. My vision is to educate the female folk with a type of education which would prepare them to be useful and happier women of future homes. A women who is faithful, honest, kind hearted and humble but should be strong and courageous as they have to prepare themselves fro the true test of life.

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Admission Rules for B.A/B. SC Part –II and Part – III

  1. Admission process for B.A./B.Sc/BCA Part-I and Part – II starts immediately after the declaration of result and is
    completed within 14 days from the declaration of such results by the University of Kashmir.
  2. Under the University norms, a late fee of Rs.200/= and Rs.300/= payable to the University is charged for 1st 15 days
    and next 15 days respectively from the last date of admission to the next Higher Class.
  3. Student having backlog (Re-appear) only in one subject is eligible for admission to the next higher class.
  4. A student having two backlogs in her qualifying examination/s will be provisionally admitted in the next higher class
    subject to the production of Re-evaluation Receipt in original. At the time of admission, however, the student shall
    have to produce an affidavit duly attested by the 1st class Judicial Magistrate to this effect that in case she fails to
    clear the backlog through re-evaluation, she will have no claim for the continuance of her admission. However, if she
    fails to clear the backlog through Re-valuation, her admission gets automatically canceled and thereafter she will
    not be eligible to appear in the Annual Examination of the University. All this depends upon the instructions from the
    University in this regard. No notice shall be served on her in this regard, except the Notice to be displayed on the
    College Notice Board.”
  5. A students having opted to drop herself out of the Examination or fails in the Examination shall not be eligible for
    re-admission to the same class.
  6. A student having passed her qualifying examination in particular year but does not seek admission in the same year,
    shall have to produce an affidavit attested by the 1st Class Judicial Magistrate to the effect that she was neither on
    rolls in any other educational/ professional Institution nor was serving in any Government or Semi-Government office.
  7. A student seeking admission shall have to take the same subjects with which she passed her qualifying examination.
  8. The student having passed the qualifying examination but having yet to clear IR/DE/LO shall not be eligible to seek
    admission to next Higher Class till she clears the IR/DE/LO from the University.


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